Frank Williams

Personal Data


Frank Williams

Date of Birth

August 18th 1975

Place of Birth

Schottler Medical Center, Liberty City


Sarah Williams - birth-name Hawk, born and raised in Liberty City, housewife


Mark Williams - born in Vice City, raised in Liberty City, doctor

Educational Degree from

CULC(City University Liberty City) School of Law

Frank Williams (18.08.1975) is a lawyer in Liberty City, planning to start a career in the city's government



188 cm / 6"1


Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs


Short black

Facial hair

Well shaved at all times





Frank's life
Frank was born on August 18th 1975 in the Schottler Medical Center, Liberty City. Frank's first moments of his life were very bright moments for his whole family was there to see the firstborn of Sarah Williams. Seemingly, the whole neighborhood of South Slopes celebrated the birth. The first moments of his life mirrored his whole childhood.
While his father was working, his mother was the one to take care of Frank all day long. Despite the already sufficient income, Frank's father Mark decided to work overtime sometimes twice in a week to provide an even better life for Frank. After Frank's fourth birthday, they moved to a new home on Meadows Hill right by the park.
When Frank started attending primary school at the age of six, his mother got pregnant with Frank's sister Michelle. Luckily enough, his mother was able to give both children the same equal love. Frank was a rather good student and had no problem getting in contact with new children and other people. His father wanted him to play baseball and so he did. At that time, Mark finally found enough time to spend time with his children so he would play baseball with Frank in the garden every now and then.
In Junior High Frank was a very popular nice fellow who liked to help his friends. In the first year he was elected class representative and later on even student representative, gaining first experience in political-like work. He finished Liberty High School with a GPA of 3.8. Despite his father wanting Frank to attend the Liberty City University of Medicine, Frank decided to attend Liberty City University of Law.
After two internships in Locke Law LLC, he became an Attorney for Locke Law after graduation. He worked up his way up to an Associate after a few years but started to return to his past preferences of politics and apply for a position in the City Hall.