Gerald Kennedy
Biographical information

"Walter Smith"
"Walter Doyle"




July 1st, 1965
Steinway, Dukes, Liberty City

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Portrayed By

Lenny Bruce

Familial and political information

Charles Kennedy (Father)
Angela Kennedy (Née: Sheppard) (Mother)
Lloyd Kennedy (Brother)

Sarah Kennedy (Née: McCoy) (Wife)
Joseph Kennedy (Son)
Ashley Kennedy (Daughter)


Steinway Mob

Miscellaneous information

District Manager (Dukes),
Liberty City Department of Sanitation

Gerald Kennedy (born July 1, 1965, Dukes, Liberty City) is a known Irish-American mobster. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Liberty City Police Department's Organized Crime Bureau both suspect that Kennedy is number two, to the known Irish Mob Boss, George McLaughlin, yet they have failed both times to charge Kennedy with anything tied to the notorious mob boss' take down as of Spring 2006.


Early LifeEdit

Kennedy was born July 1, 1965 in Dukes, Liberty City to Charles Kennedy and Angela Sheppard, Irish immigrants who settled in Steinway during the Great Depression. He is the eldest of two children. Kennedy is the brother of Lloyd Kennedy, who was a Officer in the Liberty City Police Department during the early 2000's. A resident of Dukes his entire life, Kennedy developed a street education, while his brother, Lloyd, developed a education within the school system. Slowly developing an anti-social personality, Kennedy gravitated towards bullying young children. As Gerald ventured further down the road of public education in Dukes he made a reputation with the teachers as being a trouble maker and class disruption, soon enough Kennedy was expelled from public school for assaulting a teacher. Having been deprived of his education due to personal differences, Kennedy was forced to help his father, a Longshoreman at the Liberty City Docks, earn a keep for the family. Acquiring a job with his father at the age of fourteen, Kennedy spent twelve hours a day working as a Longshoreman, until he got into a small fight with the President of the Longshoreman's Union. Being forced out of his job at the docks at the age of Seventeen, Kennedy was forced to earn a keep by doing small petty crimes, muggings and other assortment of illicit actions. During his time educating himself on the streets with the ways things worked, he became known to the Irish Mob's Boss (at the time), Samuel "Sammy B" Bryne as someone who had a temper but also had the ability to properly accomplish something.

McLaughlin CrewEdit

Detailing his involvement with George McLaughlin's small Irish crew.


The murder of Joseph "Joey No Nose" Donnell.


A Summary of Gerald's reputation throughout Liberty City.

North End GangEdit

Discussing Kennedy's position of power within the North End Gang.

2006/2007 TrialsEdit

Going into detail about the take down of George McLaughlin and the aura of arrests surrounding him, including Gerald's.


Kennedy being escorted to Court.


Kennedy has been featured in the books, Green Thumb: Inside Los Santos' Irish Mob, The Northes: Hell in Liberty City, FBI vs The Northies: How the FBI took down George McLaughlin and The Trash Wars. His likeness has also been used in one Vinewood Picture; The Arrival.

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