Beer Garden

Steinway is a large neighborhood located in the northwestern part of Dukes. It is bordered on the north by Dukes Bay; to the west by Franklin Street (the Humboldt River); to the south by the East Borough Bridge, Harrison Street, and Morris Street and to the southeast by Yorktown Avenue (East Island City); and to the east by Dukes Boulevard, Hewes Street, and the Dukes Bay Bridge (Meadows Park).

As an added note, the word "Stein" is German for "Stone", so literally Steinway is German for Stoneway.

Points of interestEdit

  • The Steinway Beer Garden can be found within the central area of the neighborhood, near the intersection of Morris Street and Ticonderaga Avenue.
  • Steinway Park is located between Concord Ave and Franklin St in Western Steinway, close to the river.
  • Gantry Park is located on Dukes Drive in northern Steinway.


Steinway draws heavily from the northwestern neighborhoods of Queens, New York, such as Astoria and Long Island City. The Steinway Projects are almost undoubtedly a virtual representation of the Queensbridge Project in Long Island City, while Steinway Park and Gantry Park are replications of Astoria Park and Gantry Plaza State Park, respectively. The name of the neighborhood bear similarities to several locations bearing the name in Astoria, including Steinway Village (an incorporated village of Queens), Steinway Street, and the Steinway Piano Company, which was founded and manufactured in Astoria.