The Fayette Mob was a criminal organization operating in Baltimore, Maryland from circa 1999 to 2008. It was considered the most powerful organization in Baltimore until it's collapse. The Fayette Mob was responsible for the Molotov Night incident, possibly the Bad Boy murders, and the Kitty massacre.
The Fayette Mob
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The Oliver Crew




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The Fayette EraEdit

The Fayette Mob started out in Baltimore, Maryland presumably around the districts of Oliver and Johnston Square. During the years 1998 to 1999 the first reports of a new dominating crew in East Baltimore began filing in. By 2003 it was presumed that at least half of the crews in East Baltimore were run by The Fayette Mob and at least a quarter of the crews in East Baltimore paid taxes to them. For several years the organization managed to evade Police attention and heat, whether this is due to corruption in the Baltimore Police Department or simply due to heavy organization in the organization is unknown. The Fayette Mob managed to even commit such high profile crimes such as the Bad Boy Murders in Los Santos and The Kitty Massacre without any convictions being placed on the perpetrators. The downfall of the organization came in 2008 when the Molotov Night incident caused an uproar in the Police department and resulted in a rash of Police shake downs on Fayette Mob corners and members. Several key informants were obtained who divulged confidential information about the organization leading to the arrest of nearly three quarters of it's leading members. Those that escaped conviction either fled the city or went into the witness protection program. However one last injustice was done to the Baltimore Police Department as every informant they had ended up dead in the following three years.

The Uptown CrewEdit

Recent reports have come in of an organization very similar to The Fayette Mob operating in Broker, rumors claim that it is in fact the same organization. However these rumors have not been substansiated. It is clear though that a new drug dealing organization is moving into the area in large numbers.