Tony Varazar
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-Canadian Forces (Sergeant - Retired)
-Liberty City Police Department

First DaysEdit

December 12 1982, Ottawa Ontario 03:12 James & Beth Varazar arrive at the Ottawa Hospital, Beth is 8 months 3 weeks pregnant with their son who will be named Tony. As they arrive at the hospital the nurse is waiting at the main entrance with a wheelchair to take Beth into the room where she will give birth. Two hours later at 05:20 Tony Varazar son of James and Beth Varazar is born weighing 3.4kg. It had been a long night for James and Beth and later in the day they returned home with their new son. This would not be their only child, two years later they had another son named Jack.

Early LifeEdit

James Varazar grew up in Western Canada and had served in the Canadian Forces as an Officer for many years. Throughout his career he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was eventually posted to the National Defense Head Quarters in Ottawa Ontario. Tony’s father would serve as an inspiration for Tony and eventually lead to Tony’s decision to join the Canadian Forces.

Teenage YearsEdit

From an early age Tony had an obsession with Law Enforcement. Tony would always play cops and robbers and would eventually become inspired to be a police officer. Tony admired his father who served his country in the Military and dreamed of joining the Canadian Forces. At the age of 16 Tony signed up for the Canadian Forces Reserves and was accepted when he was almost 17. Being in the Reserves taught Tony the reality of the Military and he loved it. After doing his BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) and SQ (Soldier Qualification) he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in the Military Police after he completed high school. Nearing graduation Tony applied for Reg Force hoping to become a Military Police Officer and soon after he was accepted.

Adult HoodEdit

After being accepted into the Canadian Forces he moved to CFB Borden to the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy where he took the 6 month Military Police training course. After graduating he was promoted to the rank of Private and was posted to CFB Borden. In 1993 Tony was promoted to the rank of Corporal and was offered a tour of duty in Bosnia which he accepted. Tony spent 8 months in Bosnia as part of the UN mission and OPERATION HARMONY. After completing the 8 month tour he returned to Canada where he was posted to CFB Trenton. After spending four years at CFB Trenton as a Corporal he was promoted to the rank of Master Corporal. Tony spent the next few years in CFB Borden where he did Airborne training at CFB Trenton and was offered a position on the Canadian Forces SkyHawks team which he accepted.

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